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Sotto In Su (Seen from below)


Perspective and Illusion

This piece was created solely for the purpose to be seen from below by the public. 

Inspired by Andrea Pozzo's ability to create a 3D illusion on a 2D space, illusion plays with the theme of truth - a motif that is represented in Cathedrals and churches to give the effect of an opening to heaven on the ceiling of these buildings.

The suspension aspect allows audiences to pause underneath the tondo, adjust themselves, rotate and inspect the piece. Turning themselves into the Performative Viewer, juxtaposed with the Still Painter.

This Arte Util (active art) factor allows active information intake more likely, therefore making work more successful in my opinion.


Sotto In Su, Oil on Panel, Suspended on steel wires, 1m x 1m, 2020


"Interim Show"

Wimbledon College of Art, Reception 

20th-24th February 2020



"Penultimatum" exhibition

Copeland Gallery

6th-8th March 2020


Portrait detailing

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