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Human CCTV series

IMG_9638 copy.jpg


Perspective and Physiognomics

Here I experiment with perspective and viewer involvement in order to mimic CCTV cameras and the recent advancements in social security


These tondos are exhibited in relation to how the face is angled.


First, what is the impact of portraiture on the artist and the viewer? ​ ​The question on the impact of portraiture on the artists and the viewer is investigated through this series on the notion of neurology and human instinct.


This series challenges the perception that facial recognition is a modern phenomenon and that it is a derivative of the modern artificial intelligence. Facial recognition is an instinct, which has been displayed in art for thousands of years, through portraits. 


These three last portraits were the outcome of the time when Covid-19 hit the globe. Quarantine and isolation saw the conversion of studio space being brought into the home environment. How I used this 'limitation' to my advantage, this was done by using reference images taken from screenshots that I took from FaceTiming family members and friends.

This allowed my work to grow even closer to 'technology' in process and context.


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