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Current Commissions that I am working on

Within the past month I have gotten at least three new commissions that I haven't had the chance to put up on my portfolio due to them being unfinished. I realised that once one person asks for a commission, my work will be promoted and spread through word of mouth most likely- like in these cases.

  • First image is from an email thread with Helen Dawson who is a professor at the Institute of Psychiatry. Currently I am reincarnating a damaged old photograph for her for £200

  • Second image is a screenshot of a Direct Message discussion on social media, organising the possibility for me to do an Album Cover for Renne's future EP. I have asked her for £400 to complete this commission.

  • And the last screenshot is from a conversation with Asha (an old school friend) who has requested a self-portrait. This one came down to a total of £70.

I am very surprised at how popular my commissions have become and I really hope to continue doing them. Even though the first ever commission was a disaster on my end (the IFHI Productions album cover commission) I learnt so much from it and therefore has made my approach so much more confident and appealing to clients.

I have grown more confident in requesting higher prices and creating contracts to go with the commissions, as well as maintaining a professional approach to dealing with clients.

I see this as a skill - being able to go through with a successful commission. It was a big thing to tick off my Fine Art Painting course bucket list.


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