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Updated: Jun 10, 2020

As tradition goes, this show was organised by the course tutors in favour of graduating students. It was my years turn to show their work in the Copeland Gallery and it was very interesting to see the whole year group come together and be organised by the leaders of our year. It was nice to see the tutors technique of curation and organisation. It was interesting to see how my year group came together and which people were the driving force behind the organisation and show (be it: catalogue editing, assisting in artwork transportation, bar operation etc). I offered to organise Invigilation and

started the process with rounding volunteers up and advertising the event while complementing it with a sign up sheet.

Even though a few people weren't able to turn up on the day, we had volunteers who helped with covering shifts last minute or in the case of an emergency.

I was also fortunate enough to be asked to be the key holder of the Gallery when opening it up for the weekend exhibitions.

It was very important to have technicians supporting other students and me with their set up. As when it came to the installation of my work (even though I planned the process of installation to a t) multiple factors prevented my work to be put up safely. The main factor was that the ladders that the technicians brought with them appeared to be too short to reach the ceiling; additionally, the placement of my piece was above an area of the gallery where the floor was angled and ramped. All of these aspects made the installation of my work rather unsafe due to its size and weight. I did prepare and bring other works to be showcased just in case, however due to the experience of the technicians, they placed bubble wrap on top of the ladders to reach the the acquired height to install. This technique turned out successful and therefore ended up with the original plan being carried out.

Before the private view, Zeena AlTai and me took it upon ourselves to create merchandise in order to raise some more money for the degree show. We used the the Screen Printing room and its equipments in order to create around 40 T-shirts. In the spur of the moment, we also ended up creating artist business cards and postcards for future shows.

The whole show was an immense success and it showed us our strengths and weaknesses when working together and organising a large group show.


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