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Pursuing an MA

"Theres no rush" I have been told by multiple tutors. Me being an impatient creative found this hard to accept as I wanted to go onto an MA the moment I achieved my Bachelors. However, after taking the time to digest this advice, I came to the conclusion that there is a lot of truth to this statement.

By looking back at my time at UAL, I do wish that I undertook more opportunities to enhance my experience- this could not be completed due to my part-time job and other financial factors. As a result I undertook courses and diplomas that did in fact help me to discover what subjects specifically I enjoyed.

When Open Days were made available for MA courses, I chose to attend even though I wasn't sure at the time if I intended to pursue them the next academic year or a while later. None-the-less I finalised a list of my choices that I was interested in (1st being my biggest interest):

After attending the Open days for these courses I started to dislike a lot pf my options from this list and therefore I had to approach my research from another angle and reach out to professors and individuals to help me in the right direction.

One of the most impactful Open days was at Kings College surprisingly, which I did not expect at all. I decided to sit in for the majority of the talks that were held in relation to the Arts Sector and a few courses really stood out to me:

  • Arts & Cultural Management

  • Education in Arts & Cultural Settings

  • Big Data in Culture & Society

I have made up my mind to take a year out of education and work towards gaining more experience and success with my applications. As a result I will be continuing my search and narrowing down my options in a years time.


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