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My first SUCCESSFUL Commission

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

In January 2020 a lady reached out to me from America enquiring if she could commission me to do a portrait of her son. Taking into consideration what happened in my previous commission experience I made sure to set the standards high and start off with a written and signed contract to start the commission off. Due to the help and advice of Nelson Diplexcito, I knew what I was heading into this time and therefore was able to set up a clear plan of action. I received a deposit to start off the painting process and got the rest of the payment when the portrait was safely delivered to the client.

I communicated with her via email where it was more professional and I provided her with regular updated on the process.

It took a month to complete the painting and the whole journey could not have been smoother from finish till end. I have certainly learnt my lesson to stand my ground as an artist and that contracts are ESSENTIAL. Therefore I have attached a signed version of the contract that I drafted up for the purpose of this commission.

Sarah Hockenberry Contract docx
Download DOCX • 53KB

This commission has made way for current requested commissions that I am working on now. This experience has helped me with my approach about going about commissions the right way and communicating with the client correctly and professionally.


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