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Online Courses

In second year I found it difficult to decide on a PPD experience, I contacted multiple options (such as my old Art Foundation University: UCA, Artists if they were looking for assistants, shows etc) and I was not successful. As a result I turned to two online diplomas to help me in my contextual research. I have always regretted not taking Psychology as a subject at A level, yet I had always been drawn to the subject. As a result I saw this as an opportunity to get the academic insight that I have always wanted. I turned to the OfCourse website were I purchased a bundle of lectures, active examples of experiments and psychology throughout history. This was complimented by a tutor that I could message at any time throughout the course.

This Psychology Diploma took me a good month to complete, however I felt that I craved more knowledge on the reasoning behind sociological grouping, hierarchy and anthropology. This lead me to the Alison website where I purchase an online diploma for Social Sciences. This course to less time to complete but the assessment at the end of the course was more challenging than the Psychology Diploma.

I had such a good experience with these online courses and I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge in exchange for a small price.

I have enrolled and paid for an online Arts Management course that will begin on the 16/06, this course is lead by Tutor Zara Worth at Central Saint Martins and I hope that this course enhances my current organisational skills and understanding of the current Art Industry.


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