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Updated: May 26, 2020

6-14th February 2019

Me and some other girls from the course organised an exhibition with the Student Union at High Holborn which lead to a few works being purchased.

It was my first time curating and organising a group show and we chose to theme it around the subject about science and nature.

We chose individuals that worked around this theme, this included girls from PTBM, MA Painting and BA Painting- so even though all works were 2D, the Artists chosen had come from multidisciplinary backgrounds. And therefore due to the confinement of the space, we thought it was necessary to stick to smaller works.

Postcards, floor plans and merchandise was made, booze was purchased for the private view and the event was advertised on social media on all platforms. It turned out to be successful as it highlighted my job role within the group which I found interesting. I realised that I naturally fall into the position of organiser- which will help me work more efficiently in future shows.


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